Tyres, Wheels & Service E-Com with Augmented Reality

Business Scenario

Netherlands-based leading aftermarket provider aimed at engaging customers through cross-selling and up-selling e-Commerce solution which resulted into 80% shop occupancy through effective scheduling and online services. This must connect smart vehicle diagnostics system and transparency management between customers and the cross selling platform keeping continuous engagement with the service providers to accommodate the specific business needs.

Solution Highlights

  • Measure tyre pressure using augmented reality
  • MMT/ License plate search for vehicles
  • Listing of Tyre Types / Brands / Rim Models / Colors
  • Online appointment booking
  • Garages search location through GPS
  • Customer Feedback/ Ratings
  • On the go notifications
  • Transparency management and reporting
  • Product comparison
  • Recommendations and suggestions based on vehicle history
  • Automatic tyre pressure update in the system through tyre pressure monitoring system

Challenges Faced

  • Integration with the existing pressure management System
  • Integration with the existing legacy system.
  • Mapping of different vehicles tyre pressures and their recommendation

Business Benefits

  • Improved shop occupancy
  • Better customer satisfaction and retention
  • Higher efficiency through improved scheduling