Our Services

Our Transportation and Logistics service offerings empower our customers to streamline their business processes to achieve efficiency and competitive advantage. With years of experience in addressing the challenges faced by leading players in the logistics sector across the globe, we are well-positioned to provide advanced services to the Transport and Logistics industry.

We help businesses of all sizes to implement and support any of their Supply Chain Software solutions, resulting in a flawless deployment of the technology, so you can realize the benefits of the software and give your company a competitive edge. Our offerings include a wide range of services to provide tailored support for delivering cost reduction, reducing risk and enhancing productivity.

Supply chain consulting

We help you plan, conceive, incorporate, build, augment and take care of your software needs with the help of our industry experts from different domains - offering you absolute benefits from our expert consulting. Our experienced and capable consultants understand how to identify your challenges and create a solution around them. Our team will collaborate with you on your timeline to integrate and centralize your data, streamline your procedures, and give important visibility to your portfolio.


Ideally, a single application rarely provides connectivity to and visibility into all the data you need to make well-informed business decisions, regardless of the level of sophistication of that application. In order to gain that level of insight, and support smart business decisions, a number of applications may need to be integrated to share, extract, aggregate or analyze the crucial data. This is where we come in, our team has diverse experience in integrating 3rd party services on top of your ERP and other software solutions.


No upgradation of the applications to new technology makes the IT applications old after a specific timeframe. Because of the everchanging innovation, ventures need to continually modernize or move the applications to meet the changing business needs. We understand the need for this change and can help you redesign your frameworks and applications keeping in mind the end goal to increase the value of your business.


Our implementation services equip you with all the tools required to efficiently map and execute a clear strategy for your ERP and other software implementation. Over decades of experience working with multiple software solutions and clients, we have mastered the implementation process along with knowing the potential loopholes involved. Use our experience to your advantage and achieve a successful ERP, Software, and 3rd Party implementation for your business success.


Each customer's application is unique in some way, so no off-the-shelf software products can meet all customers' needs economically. We understand this pain area, and customize software application as per needs to maximize the value-to-customer. We start from the point of concept examination, where we analyze your needs and help you create a detailed software requirements specification, which is indispensable for implementing the project the way you envision it.


Software product companies need an exceptional QA team that understands the product from “configuration parameter value setting” to “platform specific challenges” to ensure that testing services of each upgrade are consistent. Our end-to-end software testing services ensure no loss of business hours of the end customers. Our Test Automation Framework offers you faster time to market, reduced cost, and increased testing accuracy for software products. We also offer sustainable test automation, which ensures significant reduction in regression testing time.


Today’s IT requirements are changing rapidly due to increased complexity in applications. Meeting these requirements with traditional on-premise hosting results in increased costs and lack of flexibility. To meet this challenge, organizations are moving toward cloud computing. We classify your business requirements, perform a detailed assessment of the varied technology elements and offer you the most sophisticated cloud experience.


We provide proficient web design and development services from building simple websites to complex multi-useful web-based interfaces. With latest tools and technologies, advanced frameworks and proven methodologies, our experts create enterprise web apps, to facilitate business transformation. We can help embrace future technology to gain competitive advantage as you grow your business around the globe.


Mobility has taken the world by storm. It has been transforming businesses across multiple industries – transport & logistics, communication, financial services, entertainment, healthcare, retail, automotive, etc. Our mobility solutions are customized and enhanced to help customers in any industry, and address both enterprise and customer-related challenges and opportunities. We empower customers to imagine and achieve benefits of enterprise mobility solutions.


With the increasing operating costs, shrinking margins, competitive price pressures, and the instability from fluctuating industry cycles, reducing operating costs has become imperative for many companies to survive and sustain. Our outsourcing solutions bring your focus back to delivering results without owning cost-heavy infrastructure. We help companies outsource non-core operational functions that carry a high cost of labor and over time, thus becoming barriers to growth and competitiveness.