In this digital age, customers demand visibility, speed and accuracy than ever before, hence NVOCCs are building self service facilities like booking and shipping instruction submission. The current industry challenges involve finding the quickest and most efficient direct route for shipping goods and fluctuating surcharges. For all these reasons, companies need to work harder to differentiate themselves in their business – while continuing to focus on providing service.

TransLogTec helps NVOCCs to meet ever-growing clients’ demands, while decreasing the strain on internal IT department to meet those demands. By leveraging our software solutions and services, NVOCCs can significantly impact the cost and time to bring new customers on board, while catering to the constant requests for upgrades by existing customers. We provide the right mix of historical data, data intelligence, easy integration with ERP, CRM, SCM, TMS environments and technology support to make quick and effective decisions. The net result is lowered costs and adoption of improved competitive capabilities to handle the changing customer behavior.