Ranked 29th in RCP's list of the 50 "Most Competent” partners of Microsoft Worldwide
We serve the largest
NVOCC provider in the world
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17 countries
6 offshore
development centers


TransLogTec is your Strategic Digital Transformation partner. Over the last 20 years we’ve listened to your needs and have created a bunch of solutions and offerings that can effectively address your logistics and transportation challenges.

Our brilliant and dedicated employees working in 6 offshore development centres around the globe, deliver operational excellence to provide viable answers to the most challenging supply chain questions of our customers.


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  • The inefficient management of your fixed asset can drain profit and inhibit growth. Manage your logistics business smartly with TransLogTec (A Gateway NINtec Company) #AssetManagement solution. Want to learn more, connect with team TransLogTec (A Gateway NINtec Company) today. Email - #Transport #Logistics #Supplychainmanagement

  • Logistics Thought Leadership - #Transport & #Logistics sector is prioritising IoT, machine learning and robotics to increase efficiencies across the supply chain. The industry is clearly making significant strides towards digital transformation, with IoT-based solutions, used in conjunction with robotics, automation and machine learning, helping to transform the way that goods are manufactured, stored and delivered. Companies that proactively invest in these technologies will be able to facilitate more secure and profitable operations across their supply chain. Want to learn more, connect with team TransLogTec (A Gateway NINtec Company) today. Email - #IoT #Robotics #MachineLearning #Supplychainmanagement #ITinnovation #DigitalTransformation

  • Logistics Thought Leadership - When it comes to digital maturity, the supply chain and logistics industry are lagging. Unlike many other industries, companies with lagging digital maturity in the supply chain industry don’t perceive legacy technology and technical debt as the issue—their biggest roadblocks come back to cultural attitudes hindering digital transformation. So, before any digital transformation can start, a culture of innovation is vital. But understanding the technical realities of the business is also critical—especially in supply chain and logistics where already tight margins make investments in new digital technologies feel riskier.With these obstacles, inaction can feel like the safer road forward. But in reality, it’s the riskiest long-term strategy a business can take. Making the decision to move forward with innovation and digital transformation is the first step towards finding stability and long-term success. Want to learn more, connect with team TransLogTec (A Gateway NINtec Company) today. Email -

  • Logistics Thought Leadership - It’s 2018. You can track your pets, your car, and even your pizza as it’s delivered from the oven to your doorstep. And yet, most Fortune 500 companies have no idea where their valuable shipments of pharmaceutical, electronic, or industrial products are as they travel through the supply chain. Fortunately, new technologies are enabling a new level of visibility into the supply chain, bringing it up to par with—and even beyond—the world of consumer tracking. Specifically, the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming “black hole”-riddled delivery systems into data-driven supply chains where both the #shipper and receiver have real-time visibility into the location and condition of shipments throughout the supply chain journey. So what does #IoT look like in #supplychain? Connect with team TransLogTec (A Gateway NINtec Company) to learn more. Email -

  • TransLogTec (A Gateway NINtec Company) - #CustomerInteractionPlatform (CIP) provides you with a competitive advantage for new business acquisition, retention of existing customers and creating internal efficiencies. It is the platform to support you in your efforts to digitalize and offer enhanced customer experience. Due to the automation offered by CIP, it allows your customer service to focus on more important tasks, than just the creation of quotations and bookings. CIP also offers a quick ROI as it’s a platform that connects you with all your customers, B2B, B2C and B2B2C.  Want to learn more, connect with team TransLogTec (A Gateway NINtec Company) today for a free demo. Email - For more details, visit - #Transport #Logistics #Supplychain #ITinnovation #DigitalTransformation