Interaction Platform

Experience end-to-end visibility & collaboration of your supply chain

The TransLogTec Customer Interaction Platform (CIP) is a customer facing holistic application, making information available at the fingertip of the Logistics Service Provider’s customers. The CIP enables you to conduct E-Commerce/E-Forwarding type business with a single click. Your customers can view quote, make booking, track their shipments, access BLs, port and warehouse details, making it easy and effortless for YOUR customers to transact with you. It is also possible to manage multiple locations and intermodal transport. The CIP provides you with the same functionality as commercial E-Commerce/E-Forwarding Logistics Providers.



The CIP Core Module provides you all the benefits of customer engagement platform with strong capabilities to manage user accounts, general settings and parameters of the application. Functionalities are grouped by the various selected features. Your user interface is custom designed so it blends perfectly with your corporate identity and branding. It has onboard dashboards and charts for instant business status updates.

Quotation Engine

With the quotation engine, your customers have direct access to their relevant rates. By simply inserting the origin and destination ports, selecting options for Pick up or Drop Off delivery, specifying the weight of the cargo and time of arrival, your customers can have instant quotes displayed on their devices, 24/7. Your customer selects the quotation that fits his/her requirements best and with a single click it can be confirmed and converted into a booking.

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  • Convert Quote to Booking with a single click
  • Provides spot quotes
  • Cost allocations as per agreed Incoterms
  • Corporate and premium customers automatically get the agreed contractual rates
  • It allows users to generate quotes for different bookings

Booking Engine

The Booking Engine allows your customers to find sailing schedules, request quotes and make bookings online. Once the booking is generated, the user receives updates on the booking status and the operational milestones up to the delivery of the shipment at the final destination. Bookings can be generated for all modes of transportation.

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  • Customer can do direct booking for FCL, LCL, FTL, LTL & Air cargo
  • No redundancy of data
  • Dynamic Role Engine: Captures all the mandatory details for a particular tradelane chosen by the customer
  • The system is integrated with Document Management to Upload shipping documents pertaining to the booking
  • Customers can access all the details of their past bookings
  • Bookings get synchronized with the internal ERP system.
  • Automatic notifications to all relevant stakeholders are sent once booking is created


Allows your customers to submit the shipping instructions for BL creation online. With our SI module, you can now receive more accurate and complete information for BL creation. The customers can instantly create the SI with a single click from the bookings and modify the existing SI. You can now avoid costly mistakes in BL creation and achieve higher customer satisfaction.

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  • Sailing Schedule captures all parameters including Vessel Number IMO, Voyage Number, To Location, From Location, Intermediate Place – Estimated Time of Arrival & Departure etc.
  • Customers can also view the earlier shipment details and shipment history
  • No data duplication as the information is pulled from the existing bookings

Add On Module

Internal Customer Micro Portal

Now allow your Agents to create and manage their own customer Interaction portal and preserve their corporate identity and branding. This module allows your administrator to create micro portals specific to your customers identity and manage and maintain all features and functionalities within your companies constraints.

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  • Perform various operations similar to the main CIP
  • Easy for white label and branding options for Agents
  • Add new revenue streams to your business
  • Provide professional value added services to your customer


The Online Customer Interaction module allows visitors of the CIP to converse with your support team directly. The customer management software enables you to provide online support for your services and increase your user’s engagement. Communicate with customers in real-time, analyze visitors web activities, take customer support to a new level and increase sales.

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  • Pre-populated responses for general FAQs
  • Ability to start a proactive conversation with any visitor
  • See visitors page history, profile, visits and more
  • Transfer conversations to another support agent
  • Improve customer service experience and loyalty
  • Powerful real-time and historical reporting
  • Refer to Quotes and Bookings directly from Customer Interaction Module

Payment Services

With the Payment Services module, customers can now make payment against every invoice, online. Online payments connects with all major Payment Gateway(s) and allows a user to make instant payments. Makes life easy for your customers and reduces your potential errors in manual invoicing and saves on collection costs.

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  • Flexibility to pay anytime, anywhere, anyplace
  • Easy to configure and maintain
  • Integrates with all major payment gateways
  • Reduces labor cost in invoicing and collections
  • Makes doing business with you easy

HD Track & Trace

Visibility of any shipment and cargo is a key requirement to every customer. With real-time tracking capabilities, you and your customers have hands on access to status of shipments anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Comprehensive monitoring of your shipping activity 24/7, online.

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  • Gather real-time data from carrier Web services and Web API’s
  • Track ALL shipments automatically in one place
  • Search a shipment using Booking Number, BL Number, etc.
  • Provide professional customer service and enhance loyalty
  • Available in Web & App version


The Pricing & Tender Management Module provides you with advanced price and tender management capabilities. By using this module, you can now respond quickly to all incoming tenders and pricing requests with an optimized pricing mechanism and the latest business rules.

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  • Centralized portal for price and tender management
  • Standardized structure, template and mapping model for uploading tenders
  • Powerful routing engine for detailed simulation using standard pricing rules
  • Quickly produce a pricing structure with transparent results and clearly identified space for negotiation.

Artificial Intelligence Tool

The most powerful AI tools offers a holistic view of the entire operational and business activities real-time, providing actionable data and take informed decisions.

Predictive Modelling is an AI solution helps you to simulate business scenarios with actual data whether it is field operations, routing and tariff revisions empowering sales to provide winning quotes and contracts. AI & machine learning not only provides answers to “what happened” but also suggests data backed answers to “what can happen” situations.

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  • Automation and optimization of business & operational activities.
  • Identification of revenue leaks
  • Predictive modelling through data backed insight
  • Adaptive model to withstand business change
  • Enhanced business bottom line

A/R Booking Application

Although Augmented Reality (A/R) is still in the early phase in logistics domain it can offer significant benefits. A/R applications can provide freight forwarders quick access to information with accuracy anytime, anywhere with least amount of hardware investment i.e. your smartphone. Such information and speed to process it is advantageous for planning, scheduling and optimizing booking procedures for higher level of customer service.

A/R Booking application provides benefits during the shipment booking stage and faster processing. Accurate and fast processing of pallets, totes, cartons and miscellaneous size boxes can be measured with A/R booking application.

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  • Fast, accurate, easy operations with practically no hardware investment
  • Measurement of dimension in one working step
  • Application scalable to calculate volume of consignment
  • Integrate container dimensions to visualize space utilization

B/L Scraper

Data scraping from standardized (PDF/DOCX) documents is still in its early state in logistics but promises to deliver great results if the potential is channelled effectively. Bill of Lading Scraper (BLS) allows users to parse information from your B/L’s into your ERP systems automatically.

Fast & accurate digitization of information plays a critical role in enabling automatic upload of selected information on the document.

+ more
  • Effective automation in B/L document digitization and ERP system interfacing
  • High accuracy while parsing data
  • Configure multiple document standards
  • Ease of access through user friendly interface
  • Multiple file format support (PDF/DOCX)

Advanced Customer Interaction Module (A.I. Chatbot)

The Next Generation of “Chatbots” is now driven by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). By adding this feature to the standard Chatbot, the user friendliness and range of applicability is vastly improved.

The key aspect now is to make such Chatbots intelligent and extremely user friendly. The improved experience that prospects have with intuitive bots is driving more engagement and higher sales.

Translogtec A.I. Chatbots are designed to efficiently bridge the gap between you and your customer or prospect. A.I. Chatbots are sophisticated enough to understand the difference between questions from a customer to that from a prospect.

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  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Psychological impact within the end user that a simple conversation is capable to resolve a query
  • Scalability to transform the A.I. Chatbot into a full scale ‘personal assistant’ avatar
  • Mobile Friendly

Customer Support System

Customer demands are constantly evolving and so are the communication channels employed to satisfy these demands. The key to survive the wave of change and provide effective service is to adapt and accept technology and re-evaluate the performance measurement metrics that ascertain customer satisfaction index.

Translogtec (TLT) has identified that Customer Data Analytics & Omni Channel communications are the driving forces behind the technology change. While Omni Channel communications gratify the customer facing aspect, Analytics proves it’s worth providing quantifiable customer service agent performance.

Customer Support Analytics (CSA) – is a tailor made analytical solution to analyse customer and customer service agent data from all aspects, considering all variables to provide consolidated reporting of all parties.

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  • Customer data analytics to enable personalised customer service
  • Track customer service staff performance through algorithms designed to evaluate behaviour, voice, loudness & trigger key words
  • Re-visit customer satisfaction metrics with data backed reports for better customer service

Semantic Search Module

The Semantic Search Module (SSM) integrates disparate data. The data is made navigable through a novel indexing engine. Complex queries can be run intuitively and are delivered at speed, enabling you to find smarter data faster with SSM

SSM provides you with the ability to search on the MEANING (semantics) of words. The SSM links databases instead of integrating them. In this way many different data bases can be searched effectively. The “ETA” in one database is also recognized as “Estimated Time of Arrival” in the other database.

The SSM is combined with an effective User Interface (UI). The UI provides the user with a clear representation of the retrieved information and provides ample filtering options.

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  • Understanding intent and context: SSM extends the current search possibilities by looking at (a) the intent of the searcher and (b) the context of the search. This combination generates more refined and relevant search results.
  • Find the unexpected: SSM reveals unexpected connections between your search query & different data sources.
  • Enriching data: SSM uncovers interconnections and relationships between data. Data is combined, compiled and enriched, making it more valuable.
  • Search many, diverse databases efficiently
  • Clear User Interface and filtering tools with save & sharing facility

Stuffing and De-Stuffing Optimizer

Stuffing and De-Stuffing Optimizer (SDO) is a load planning software, abolishing manual calculations. The most efficient way of consolidation are fast calculated through dynamic algorithms & extensive stacking rules to mix and match cargo into containers or trailers.

With rule based planning you can now visualize shipment stacking for consignments received from many industries allowing faster turn-around-time to customer queries.

In logistics, space is money – SDO optimizes space to save your money.

+ more
  • Optimize trailer/container space and increase resource utilization
  • Reduce freight and fuel overheads by hauling maximum load in first go
  • Abolish guessing game in load planning and embrace accurate calculations prior to each shipment
  • Minimize loading errors
  • Cut loading and unloading time with step-by-step load instructions and diagrams.
  • Prepare optimal plan for multi-stops and priority loading.
  • Extensive stacking rules rule based configurations to minimize in transit damages
  • Enhance communication among departments and with customers by sharing centrally stored shipment data

TRACK & TRACE Mobile Application

Possessing a track and trace functionality is a necessary tool for freight forwarders and logistics players. The market dynamics demand that this functionality to be available at customers’ desk as well as on-to-the-go.

TRACK & TRACE Mobile Application (T&T App) empowers users to check the real-time status of the shipments in transit. T&T App which is available both on iOS and android devices.

+ more
  • Notifications on all cargos affiliated to a B/L
  • Visual graphics on the location of the cargo
  • Routing information and current status
  • Seamless service to customers and stakeholders