Business Intelligence for Delivery & Fulfillment

Business Scenario

Customer expected to implement Online Route Planning & Tracking Tool to plan & manage timely delivery of newspapers efficiently with minimum delay and cost of delivery. Interchanging of data between diverse systems with efficiency and maximum availability was expected to be implemented on the utmost capability of the digital wave. Using Business Intelligence to improve distributed business process and tracking process is the optimal path expected to derive business profits.

Solution Highlights

  • Path Simulation/ Modulation
  • Process analysis facilitating cost cutting & efficiency improvement decisions
  • Timely & effective newspaper distribution
  • Delay management
  • Weather forecast
  • Help customer to improve fulfillment practices
  • Extensive reports in statistical & graphical format
  • Access to real time location & status information of shipping containers
  • Request quote for service line along with Real time container tracking

Challenges Faced

  • Inefficient use of current resources in hand
  • Lack of scalability of the existing system
  • Lack of essential features such as forecasting, etc.

Business Benefits

  • Faster dissipation of newspaper to their locations
  • Improved error detection, optimized delivery enabled fuel cost savings of €1200 + per day
  • Increased efficiency of the current process