3PL / 4PL

3PLs have always helped small and medium enterprises to compete against larger enterprises who are having the resources to manage a supply chain in-house. Hence their customers have either enjoyed the unprecedented savings or have been leveraging their technology solutions for keeping abreast with the competition. Hence it becomes ultimately important for 3PLs to rise to the ever-changing innovations and trends that are driving the freight industry.

A 4PL oversees disparate pieces of the supply chain and brings them into harmony to achieve efficiency. A technology, tool, or service that helps power the activities of the 3PL. And with the growing complexities in logistics, 4PLs are needed more than ever.

TransLogTec can help 3PLs/4PLs fulfil this void of having a partner for adoption of everchanging technology demands and in turn fulfil their customers’ needs to independently become a part of this technology driven growing community.