Key Highlights

We work with the world's largest NVOCC, Freight Forwarders and Trucking companies
Solutions delivered Globally through offices in 17 Countries
Reduced total cost of innovation with the help of offshore development centers and onsite presence
World class technology solutions based on Open Source, Microsoft Technologies and Cloud

Why TransLogTec?

TransLogTec has more than two decades of experience in developing software solutions for Transportation and Logistics businesses. Our aim is to help customers succeed by offering them flexible solutions which are completely aligned with their vision. As we understand the ever-increasing complexities of the industry it has allowed us to leverage best practices and deliver great value to our customers throughout the globe. Along with our software solutions, we offer a complete range of consulting and implementation services which helps in achieving the set business objectives.


LinkedIn Company Updates

  • Logistics Thought Leadership - It’s no secret that manufacturers have been aggressively pursuing digital transformation to compete and win in the marketplace. In 2018, manufacturers will ramp up this transformation to embrace new technologies that have the potential to change the supply chain landscape. Want to learn - How #IoT can help companies free up manual resources while ensuring accurate delivery timing throughout the supply chain, connect with TransLogTec (A Gateway NINtec Company) today. Email -

  • Make your global supply chain more agile, transparent and cost-effective with TransLogTec (A Gateway NINtec Company)'s 3PL / 4PL solutions.  For more details, visit - Contact Email -

  • Logistics Thought Leadership - #AssetManagement, #SupplyChainManagement, and #InventoryManagement are the hottest areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT adoption in manufacturing today. Manufacturers are evaluating how combining emerging technologies including #IoT, #AI, and #MachineLearning can improve asset tracking accuracy, supply chain visibility, and inventory optimization.  Want to learn, connect with team @TransLogTec (A Gateway NINtec Company) today. Email -

  • Logistics Thought Leadership - Retail has never been tougher. From Brexit to hyper-demanding consumers, eCommerce to innovative start-up competitors, remaining profitable is incredibly challenging. Agility has become essential in every area of the business. Over the past decade supply chain optimisation and innovation have transformed retailers’ ability to respond to fluctuations in demand, pricing and customer expectations – except in one, key area: warehousing. While every other aspect of the logistics model is agile and responsive, retailers are, in the main, still constrained by five, ten, even 15 year warehouse leases. With the retail environment becoming increasingly volatile and if retailers are to survive, they need a contingency plan. The ability to scale up and down on demand is becoming critical to retail success.  Want to learn, why warehousing as a service is delivering essential agility into the retail model, connect with team TransLogTec (A Gateway NINtec Company) today. Email - #Warehousing #Supplychain #Digitaltransformation #Logistics #WMS

  • Logistics Thought Leadership - There’s no doubt about it, the Internet of Things (IoT) has brought with it a whole load of changes. The ability for more and more physical objects to connect to the internet and share data without human help has transformed the way the world works. From intelligent cars to biomedical sensors, the implications are huge – and as we move from 15 billion connected devices today to a predicted 50 billion by 2020, the changes will come quickly. But just how is IoT affecting the logistics industry – both from a business and a consumer perspective? Want to learn, connect with team TransLogTec (A Gateway NINtec Company) today. Email - #Transport #Logistics #Supplychain #IoT # ITinnovation