Key Highlights

We work with the world's largest NVOCC, Freight Forwarders and Trucking companies
Solutions delivered Globally through offices in 17 Countries
Reduced total cost of innovation with the help of offshore development centers and onsite presence
World class technology solutions based on Open Source, Microsoft Technologies and Cloud

Why TransLogTec?

TransLogTec has more than two decades of experience in developing software solutions for Transportation and Logistics businesses. Our aim is to help customers succeed by offering them flexible solutions which are completely aligned with their vision. As we understand the ever-increasing complexities of the industry it has allowed us to leverage best practices and deliver great value to our customers throughout the globe. Along with our software solutions, we offer a complete range of IT related transportation consulting services which helps in achieving the set business objectives.


LinkedIn Company Updates

  • Real time container tracking is no longer unachievable with TransLogTec (A Gateway NINtec Company).  TransLogTec (A Gateway NINtec Company) #ContainerManagement is one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive applications of its kind. All aspects of container management are supported by the solution and it is easily deployed by small and large companies alike. It reduces loss and theft of containers and offers visibility of the container inventory and their precise locations. You will have the transparency of container requirements and movement across the supply chain. Want to learn more, connect with team TransLogTec (A Gateway NINtec Company) today. Email - or visit - #Transport #Logistics #Supplychain #Supplychainmanagement #ITinnovation #DigitalTransformation

  • Turn your reverse supply chain into a profit center with TransLogTec (A Gateway NINtec Company)  - Minimizing The returns by mining the returns data, supported by strong BI and analytics capabilities. Want to learn more, how your enterprise can transform #reverselogistics function from a cost center to a profit-making activity, connect with team TransLogTec (A Gateway NINtec Company) today. Email -  #Transport #Logistics #Supplychainmanagement #Supplychainoptimization #ITinnovation #DigitalTransformation

  • Logistics Thought Leadership - The adoption of #IoT will bring incremental benefits to existing supply chain processes which will create need for the redesigning of many existing supply chain processes. Want to learn more how to leverage IoT to facilitate efficient #Logistics and #SupplyChain management, connect with team TransLogTec (A Gateway NINtec Company) today. Email -

  • Logistics Thought Leadership - Everyone wants to know exactly where all of their shipments are all of the time. Collecting data is the easy part, integrating it together so you have one picture of everything, that’s the difference. A business may be able to aggregate invoice data, purchase order data, shipment data and so on, but in order to aggregate it and pinpoint exactly where business units are over-paying, and why, would take months without an automated solution. In the age of Big Data, global supply chains quickly flocked to analytics solutions that offered predictability and agility in a market swayed by geopolitical shifts, regulatory risks and even the weather. For supply chain professionals, insights and predictability fall by the wayside when data cannot be adequately integrated and analyzed, no matter how good that data is. Wants to learn more,  how to handle #BigData barrier which is often the root cause of payment delays and wasted spend in organizations’ supply chains and logistics processes, connect with team TransLogTec (A Gateway NINtec Company) today. Email -

  • Trucks carry 71.3% of all freight transported over land - Fuel your #trucking business with more power, efficiency and control. TransLogTec (A Gateway NINtec Company) provides technology solutions to #transportation and trucking companies to optimize load assignments, minimize fuel costs, manage drivers’ hours of service, and meet customers’ expectations. The key benefits for trucking companies are – Reductions in cost, Optimal routing, Improved service levels. To learn more, connect with us today. Email - For more details visit - #TMS #Transport #Logistics #ITinnovation #Supplychain