Key Highlights

We work with the world's largest NVOCC, Freight Forwarders and Trucking companies
Solutions delivered Globally through offices in 17 Countries
Reduced total cost of innovation with the help of offshore development centers and onsite presence
World class technology solutions based on Open Source, Microsoft Technologies and Cloud

Why TransLogTec?

TransLogTec has more than two decades of experience in developing software solutions for Transportation and Logistics businesses. Our aim is to help customers succeed by offering them flexible solutions which are completely aligned with their vision. As we understand the ever-increasing complexities of the industry it has allowed us to leverage best practices and deliver great value to our customers throughout the globe. Along with our software solutions, we offer a complete range of consulting and implementation services which helps in achieving the set business objectives.


LinkedIn Company Updates

  • Technology Will Drive Supply Chain Digitalization. Logistics Thought Leadership - New technologies like the internet of things (IoT), big data, and social learning platforms have the power to transform the supply chain to make them more efficient, leading to competitive advantages across industries. Let TransLogTec (NINtec B.V. - Transport & Logistics) help you in digital sophistication for sustainable and profitable supply chain management through technology-led innovations. To learn more, please connect with us today, email -

  • Sail your global forwarding business confidently and competently with TransLogTec TransLogTec (NINtec B.V. - Transport & Logistics) enables NVOCCs adopt advanced technologies and analytical capabilities to stay competitive by meeting the ever-changing customers' expectations and behaviours, who demand continuous visibility of their shipments and delivery at lower costs with higher efficiency. To learn more, connect with us today. Email - #logistics #transport #digitaltransformation #supplychain #NVOCC

  • Logistics Thought Leadership - Cloud technology is transforming supply chain management and logistics operations. As 2017 draws to a close, reviewing the impact the cloud has had on supply chain trends provides valuable clues on changes that are yet to come. Want to learn about these upcoming changes? Connect with TransLogTec today. Email -

  • #WMS that drives performance improvements, leans warehousing operations and fattens your bottom line. Warehouse efficiency is a critical success factor to effectively manage your supply chain and achieve peak performance. Connect with TransLogTec (NINtec B.V. - Transport & Logistics) and leverage its innovative WMS solution that can significantly enhance warehouse operations, worker efficiency, and customer loyalty. Want to learn more, connect with us today. #Warehousing #Supplychain #Digitaltransformation #Logistics

  • A Well-Run Supply Chain Improves Your Bottom Line.  Build a Smarter Supply Chain with TransLogTec (NINtec B.V. - Transport & Logistics). Contact email -